Bitcoin Faucet List

Use our huge bitcoin faucet list and earn massive satoshi from the best faucets

TrustWebsitePayment-SystemAverage RewardIntervalLink
faucetgameFaucetBox500 satoshi60 min
satoshigainsdirect500 satoshi60 min
predimaniaFaucetBox500 satoshi180 min
satoshipalaceFaucetBox400 satoshi60 min
youbitdirect400 satoshi90 min
bitcoinaliensdirect362 satoshi10 min
waterbitcoFaucetBox350 satoshi30 min
weekendbitcoindirect325 satoshi60 min
minebitFaucetBox300 satoshi30 min
playbitcoinFaucetBox300 satoshi60 min
zebradirect300 satoshi60 min
phoenixdirect300 satoshi60 min
moonbitdirect285 satoshi60 min
takebitcoindirect270 satoshi15 min
pinktussyMicrowallet250 satoshi30 min
xpbitcoinFaucetBox250 satoshi60 min
maxibitcodirect225 satoshi60 min
freebitcoinhomeFaucetBox210 satoshi720 min
neobitcoinFaucetBox150 satoshi30 min
getfreebitcoinsdirect120 satoshi1000 min



We don't accept faucets with a too low payout
We don't accept faucets with an interval more than 4 hours
We don't accept faucets with antibot-click-system
We do an exception for a really high payout
Note, some bitcoin faucets has different payout depend on your country


Everthing is right with this faucet. This faucet is recommended.
This faucet could have too many advertising. Even if the balance is often depleted.